Sunday, October 25, 2009


"Former Bad President" LOL, I think I found a kindred spirit.
Also he is a currently bad former President. Not to detract from his exquisitely awful past Presidency in all of its terribleness and chart topping rottenness.

What is causing the creepy handling of opposition by our current left/socialist leaning administration? Is it standard operating procedure for extreme left/socialist power centers? Some deride the use of "socialist" when referring to our current crop of power mongers. "I lived through Nazi Germany and East Germany", one German told me recently. "You Americans make me laugh when you talk about socialism." This reminds me of a man complaining a skunk has moved into his house and his neighbor, who has three skunks living in his house, thinks it silly to complain about only one skunk. How many resident skunks does one really need to constitute a problem?

Check out the cartoons here.

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