Thursday, October 8, 2009

John McTernan's Insights: ALERT: October 7, 2009

Three more powerful earthquakes shake the Pacific! These were in the 7.0-8.0 range and set off a small tsunami. Three Major Earthquakes Cause Tsunami in Pacific 10/07/09. This is now five in a week!

It is obvious that something huge is happening with all these earthquakes. What comes to mind is the coming war between Israel and Iran. When the war starts, the world will turn against Israel. It appears almost like the LORD is gearing up for the coming battle! The earth is definitely having birth pangs.

Also, this weekend is the homosexual march on Washington, DC. In the past, massive homosexual events like this coincided with awesome natural disasters including the powerful 7.6 Lander's Earthquake of June 28, 1992 which was Gay Pride Day.

John McTernan's Insights: ALERT: October 7, 2009


Mr. McTernan’s tracking of events eliciting God’s judgment piques my interest. True followers of Jesus Christ have always believed God is active in world affairs. Fallen angels are active as well. Is God judging the world in General and America specifically now? Mr. Mcternan’s connections are provocative. All of his connecting dates and occurrences seem too numerous for coincidence.

Here are some possible ways to view this:

1. There is no God and events transpire by random chance and human action.
2. There is a God but He does not interfere directly into human affairs.
3. The God of the Old Testament involved Himself with earth's time line but under the New Testament He no longer interferes with earthly events.
4. God does not change. He is the same in the Old Testament and the New. He judged nations and people then and now.

The more predisposed one is to liberal theology, the harder it is to accept number four. Liberal theology is fairer and more tolerant than the Old Testament God of the Bible. God's destruction of Sodom because of homosexuality (among other things) would be anathema to liberal theology. Sending Israel into Babylonian captivity is totally unfair and a liberal would never do such a thing. You see, liberal theologians are better than the God presented to us in the Old Testament. No wonder they find it necessary to mythologize Scripture.

But some of us view God as having created all things. He therefore gets to write the rules and determine what is bad and what is good. Apparently even some of the angels had a problem with this. Is God so petty that he will not tolerate deviance from one of His arbitrary rules? Or does He understand that His laws are not arbitrary but essential for our own good. Can we break them to the point of being dangerous to all mankind? I read somewhere that Dr. Livingston was so conscious of life that he would not wash his hands for fear of killing germs. How very sensitive of Dr. Livingston to everyone but those who were adversely affected by his germ laden mitts. I have no idea if the Dr. Livingston story is true but I believe God has no trouble washing his hands.

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